Field (2020)

"During the Covid-19 lockdown, I have been working from home at a desk by the window where the sunlight comes in. I live in a flat that overlooks a neighbourhood green.

How do I make photos from here? 

My friend Julianne and I give each other weekly prompts so we can continue to find ways to make photographs from home. 

Her first prompt to me was ‘Sounds’, there were many directions my mind instantly travelled to: what does sound look like? How do you infer sounds? Where are the sounds coming from at the moment? 

I can hear exercise music and play from here. I look out and notice a family in a game of tag, the grown up is blindfolded as the children laugh and slink around her. This is the first Field photograph I make.

Black and white images of the social distancing that takes place on the green outside my home in London. 

Alone together. 

I’ve tried not to predict the changes on the green based on media reports about other public spaces or based on the communication coming from the government. Instead, I try to stay open to what I will see."

August 2020

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Featured in: 

  • Also featured on isolate.zine, photo fringe, OOF Magazine, Mass Isolation FORMAT's short film at Auckland Festival of Photography, New Zealand, Outlook Traveller India, Lewisham Life, Genoa University publication: Appunti istantanei di un’architettura in movimento.

  • Poetry Birmingham Literary Journal, Issue 9 alongside a text by Nuzhat Bukhari

Exhibited in: 

FORMAT21: CONTROL,  Room 10: Grain Projects, Covid 19: A Year Lived 

Free Books Fest 2022, Copeland Park Gallery 

Southwark Gallery Open 2022 

PEER Gallery - By Hand, on Foot Conversation with Vlatka Horvat 

David Collard's The Glue Factory, evening curated by Amy McCauley


Field film (19 minutes), made with the support of a bursary from GRAIN Projects

In this time-based iteration of Field, the photographs are presented in parallel with performed text adapted from a variety of sources including news articles, national timelines and personal reflection. This 19 minute film is an attempt to expose and encounter moments of connection and dissonance between the national, local and personal narratives of this time. Somewhere between poetry and chronicle, Field attempts to capture the atmosphere of a specific historical moment and the heightened performativity of being outdoors.

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