"Today I would portray the world from an ant's-eye view and tomorrow, as the moon sees it, perhaps, and then as many other creatures see it.

- Hannah Höch


Jemima Yong is a photographer who specialises in capturing the live event. She is also a performance maker, which gives her specific insight on composition and representation. She seeks to capture essence. Her eyes - what would she do without them? She takes great responsibility in knowing that she creates documents to which the present will be reflected upon. 
Jemima is interested in developing the role of the photographer in live performance and studying the relationship between live culture and visual literacy. She has had two solo exhibitions in Singapore and Leeds, been published in a couple of places has previously been photographer in residence at Exeunt Magazine and is currently in residence with Forest Fringe. 
She hosts a blog of analogue photography called Performance | Life Archive and is a member of DARC (Documentation Action Research Collective).


If you would like more examples of her work, purchase prints or meet up to talk please contact Jemima at jemimayongmeilien[at]gmail[dot]com

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