Safe Keeping (2012)

Headingley, Leeds, United Kingdom

It is photography itself that creates the illusion of innocence. Its ironies of frozen narrative lend to its subjects an apparent unawareness that they will change or die. It is the future they are innocent of. Fifty years on we look at them with the godly knowledge of how they turned out after all – who they married, the date of their death – with no thought for who will one day be holding photographs of us.

- Black Dogs, Ian McEwan

Safe Keeping is an interactive installation which uses an audio visual jigsaw of soundscapes and photographs to explore the notions of hindsight and memory. Created from portraits of the everyday, audiences are invited to elevate one story at a time above the constant hubbub of human voices. As the space is explored, a tapestry of personal insights is revealed through a common act of generosity and storytelling.

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