The Audience

The Audience is a photographic study of spectatorship. The series is made up of group portraits depicting audiences watching live performance. The term ‘performance’ in this context treads a wide cultural spectrum; what is ‘on stage’ is not explicit.

The strength of the collection lies in its many layers of reading. On a broader level, the project is an exploration into the phenomena of the audience, the collective as a singular organism (or not). What do we watch and does the presence of a spectator turn any live event into performance? 

What do people look like when enraptured, focused, inspired and challenged; experiencing the macabre, catharsis, empathy; suspending disbelief, when they're repulsed? What is revealed when the camera is turned around to the frame that isn’t normally documented in performance? What does The Audience tell us about who is watching and what they are witnessing?

I am always looking for audiences to photograph and spaces to exhibit The Audience. So do get in touch if you have suggestions!

Previously exhibited at

Old Theatre Royal, Bath Fringe Festival 2013, co-curated by John East

Supported by

Forest Fringe and Tempting Failure

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